Ameen Elmouden

Videographer | Digital Media Specialist

    Meet Ameen

    Ameen Elmouden has lived in Houston, Texas all his life. While he is a Texan, born and raised, his parents are from beautiful Morocco.

    Ameen is a first-generation graduate and in May 2021 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media from the University of Houston. He enjoys being creative and is very passionate about his work in videography. He describes himself as a perfectionist when it comes to his work, and works hard to create quality videos that will make a connection with viewers.

    In his spare time, Ameen enjoys writing, directing and editing short films, playing video games, spending time with friends, and learning about new technology to advance his professional skills. While Ameen does not work as a buying or selling agent, he values working on a top-earning real estate team and seeing firsthand how work done in the real estate industry changes lives and creates lasting relationships.

    Since beginning his work with The Andrea Curran Team, Ameen shares that it has not felt like work because every day he loves what he gets to do and the team with which he gets to do it.